Growing Courageous Kids

(& Parents!)

on August 8, 2012

BraveGirl Running...Life, Faith & Sport

Can you change your Monkey Mind?

I’m starting an experiment and inviting you to join me. The brain and the concept of change has always fascinated me intellectually, amazed me in working with clients and frustrated me personally as I watched  hard earned gains in certain areas of my life vanish after a bout of intense stress or depression.  Don’t you just hate that?

From studying the brain, I know that change is possible. We can “re-wire” our brains so that our default preferences are reset. Sometimes, it can happen instantly and other times it takes a bit of consistent repetition—a kind of reprogramming.  Regardless, I find it all goes better when other people are involved. Even the Buddhist monks, now famous for the changes in their brains from years and years of meditating, did a lot of that together as a group.

It’s time to join forces and…

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