Growing Courageous Kids

(& Parents!)

What does Courage mean to you?

on January 28, 2009

As I have been writing about a courageous foundation for our kids, I realized that it is a concept that encircles many important ideas and traits. I want to hear what courage means to you as a parent, or person that works with children.

For one writer, courage is closely linked to integrity, achievement and effectiveness:

All good-willed parents want their kids to obtain healthy and honorable achievement, but currently we’re handcuffing them with nice-sounding intentions that dissipate when applied to the real world. Good behavior alone won’t fly; it was never designed to. We need to guide our children to achievement not fulfilled upon the broken backs of others—which leaves in its wake resentment, bitterness, and cynicism—but instead toward achievement that’s nourishing for themselves and others. This is especially relevant in America, a nation awash in ambition, much of which is good, some of which is bad. It takes courage to follow integrity because that often means taking the longer and harder route.

For the whole blog click here.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think with a short (or long) comment! Thanks!


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