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Lower Your Stress with a Simple Tool

on January 23, 2009

You can transform your stress into productive energy
Live a more relaxed and happier life by effectively dealing with stress & anxiety
–Heartmath, LLC

Our lives can get really crazy with our jobs, carpooling, money concerns, children with difficulties, and a multitude of other issues. Yet, all this stress is not good for us! Do you ever feel so stressed that you worry about your heart? In a Newsweek article called “The Good Heart” I was reminded not only of the physical components to our health (cortisol = stress hormone = body on alert = PROBLEMS), but also there is finally research on how our thinking, our mentality or perspective, can be more harmful (or helpful) than the physical factors!

I had a chance to experience this first hand recently:

After major surgery, I was recovering in a room with other people around me. I had a curtain encircling my bed, but I could hear anything that happened in the room. When the anesthesia was finally wearing off I noticed behind my head. Looking over my shoulder I saw the heart monitor blipping away. The flashing number gave me an idea and I decided to experiment—it’s not like I could do anything else! First, I noticed that every time another patient starting crying out or moaning my heart rate would spike up. I started focusing on relaxed deep breathing (important after surgery also) and put my mind on positive thoughts. Within seconds, I saw those numbers plummet from 76 to 53! Of course, when a particular lady raised her cries of discomfort up the numbers would fly. Again, I lowered the rising numbers with the same technique. It was an amazing experience to see this in action, lying on a gurney, not so helpless after all*

Would you like to:

* Tap into your creative and intuitive resources for better problem solving?
* Help yourself maintain optimal health and physical resiliency?
* Do you want to lower your stress with a breath and a thought?
* How about training your body to react differently in the first place?

I’ve enjoyed super results in using Heartmath tools with kids in the areas of school stress, performance anxiety and increasing competitive inner resilience.

I’m always doing research and looking for tools that will benefit the clients I work with. It’s exciting to see what people are coming up with these days. I truly want you to experience the joy of less stress in your life.

*The Heartmath® technology is much more sophisticated than my hospital experiment. For more info

ps. since posting this article (orig. 7/06), Heartmath has come out with a new portable version of this technology–cool


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