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Courage=Living Life Full Out!

on January 22, 2009

I’ve been on the look out for other inspiring courage mavens and found one in Coach Charrise. I love her wide embrace of life by living “full out.” Here is a quote from her latest blog entry:

So many people are living their lives by playing full out.  They do it in their business, taking risks and investing in themselves.  They do it in their personal life, showing vulnerability and working hard to sustain life-long, loving relationships.  They do it by pushing themselves past the fear they feel when they think about doing something audacious.

There’s always a choice to play full out or to take the safe path.  Being intentional about the path you take will expand your thinking about the kind of legacy you want to leave in this world.  You might find courage you didn’t think you had.

Let’s take her advice and make it a point to “play full out.”

Please share how you live full out! I would love to hear your ideas and wins!


One response to “Courage=Living Life Full Out!

  1. Thanks a bunch for the reference – love your spirit too!

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